Engine Consuming Too Much Oil – What To Do?

Once you put engine oil in your vehicle, you usually don’t have to worry about it till the next oil change interval (which is really long with modern synthetic oils). But what if the engine starts consuming more oil and the oil level shrinks rapidly? This is bad for you (finance-wise) and the environment (pollution-wise) as well.

Engines are supposed to burn a certain amount of oil; however, if the consumption is excessive, there definitely is a problem somewhere. It could be due to oil leaks, increased wear of piston assemblies, deposits on the piston rings, oil emission into the cooling system or exhaust pipe or something else.

While leaks can be the cause, most other excessive oil consumption issues stem from the quality of oil itself! Indeed, poor quality oil can contaminate the engine, cause deposits and lead to increased wear and tear. It can take a toll on piston rings and oil seals, affect the fuel combustion and ultimately cause engine failure.

And this is exactly why it is imperative to use top quality synthetic motor oil for full engine protection. The various additives will help protect the parts of the engine, clean and disperse oil properly through the engine and therefore, prevent oil wastage. Moreover, you also have to choose the right oil type (base number and viscosity level) to suit the engine and operating conditions.

Royal Purple is the last name in quality engine oils and lubricants, with various formulations to suit different types of engines. They can be easily sourced online from http://lucky7trucks.com/.

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