Racing Oil in Street Vehicles – A Strict No-No!

It can be tempting to use racing oil in our ordinary vehicles. Imagine getting your Honda or VW engine roaring with the power and speed of a racing car!

But, while the initial thrill can be alluring, racing oil will only end up doing more harm than good. This is because race car engines are subject to extreme conditions of tremendous speed, intense temperatures and heavy load. The effects may feel amazing, but do you know what is happening under the hood?

The underside is that the racing engine is subject to much greater wear and tear and only special oils heavily fortified with anti-wear additives and friction-reducing additives can protect it from premature damage. It is not that street engine oils do not contain these additives – just that the concentration of additives is higher in racing oils.

On the other hand, racing oils contain fewer detergents and dispersants due to the relatively short drain interval. Therefore, if you use racing oil in a conventional vehicle, you will either have to change the oil very frequently or end up with an engine full of sludge.

And when it comes to a choice of engine oil, Royal Purple has products for every need. While XPR racing oil performs great at the race track, the chemistry of Royal purple gear oil, HPS high performance street oil and Max cycle motor cycle oil will deliver enhanced gains on the streets.

All Royal Purple products can be easily sourced online at

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