Basic Vehicle Maintenance Explained

You require your car, truck or motorcycle to run smoothly and function properly. However, the performance and efficiency of your vehicle depends on how well you maintain it.

Basic Vehicle Maintenance Explained

Caring for your vehicle is not limited to proper driving, using the right fuel and rotating the tires regularly. There is a lot going on inside the vehicle and you need to keep a check on things at regular intervals. This includes:

  • Check the oil level and quality and change it as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Check the transmission and opt for synthetic transmission fluid whenever a fill-up is required.
  • Check the coolant and antifreeze level in the tank and top it off to fill level if needed.
  • Check the battery for leaks or buildup and clean the contacts if necessary.
  • Check the belts and get any worn ones replaced.
  • Check oil filters, air filters and swap them with new ones whenever needed.
  • Spark plugs may need checking and replacing too.

This kind of preventive maintenance can prevent many minor or major breakdowns in the future. Apart from this, it is always better to shore up the vehicle with useful fuel additives, like Royal Purple Max-Boost Octane Booster and Fuel-System Stabilizer or Max-Clean Fuel System Cleaner. The latter facilitates deep cleaning of the entire fuel system while the former can significantly boost engine performance and efficiency in your engine as well.

You can source all your oil, additives and other fluid requirements from The top quality Royal Purple products will keep your vehicle in top condition with excellent fuel efficiency, reduced wear and tear and an elongated lifespan too.

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