Transmission Fluid Calls for Attention Too!

Wanting to maintain the quality and power of our vehicles, we pay diligent attention to the quality of engine oil and ensure that it is changed on time. For instance, many car owners are quite particular that only the best Royal Purple engine oils go in their engine and change it every 10,000 to 15,000 miles.


However, the transmission fluid does not garner much thought at all. For example, your service technician may be worried about your transmission and suggest you switch to Royal Purple SynchroMax transmission fluid. What is the need you think when the car is already running smoothly with top quality engine oil?

Well, it’s a fact that engine oils and tranny fluids play decidedly different roles in your vehicle. While the former keeps the engine clean and lubricated, the latter is charged with protecting the gears of the transmission and keeping things cool there.

Without a good quality transmission fluid greasing the transmission, the parts will face wear and tear which manifests as stalling, lack of acceleration and noisy shifting. If you allow things to go on like this for too long, you will soon be facing a complete transmission failure. And we all know how expensive a transmission change or overhaul can be!

Moreover, even if you have invested well in your transmission by shifting to Royal Purple SynchroMax transmission fluid, it is bound to get contaminated after miles and miles of usage. While the interval is much longer than engine oil, do not forget to get it changed as per the manufacturer’s recommendations.

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