Five Benefits of Changing the Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Did you know changing your transmission fluid regularly forms an essential part of maintaining your car’s longevity?

Synthetic transmission fluid

To have a long term good health of your vehicle, car owners often fail to recognise the basic maintenance required for a smooth running of the gearbox. Of the many things, selecting the right synthetic transmission fluid can help you worry about one less thing.


Let’s have a look at the major benefits of changing the transmission fluid regularly:

  • Improved fuel economy: Fresh transmission fluid will offer better resistance to oxidation. This, in the long run also helps to meet the viscosity and the lubricating and standards. So, as you see in the long run, these factors contribute in carrying a better fuel economy for your car.
  • Lesser costs: If you know how to change the synthetic transmission fluid on your own, it can save you saving the time and money you had to spend on a professional. Additionally, the synthetics ones have a longer overall lifespan than the regular ones, which is why they happen to be a preferred choice these days.
  • Increases smooth shifting: When you frequently check and service your car’s transmission fluid, there is most certainly going to have smoother movement in the gears. Consequently, it will also shield your gearbox, likely saving you from an undue costly affair.
  • Extended transmission life: The vehicles which get regular changes in the transmission fluid and has a complete replenishment when needed, works in great order. The engine also suffers from less wear and tear if the transmission fluid is changed regularly.
  • Reduction in the rust formation: Transmissions can be difficult specially on parts of rust and corrosion. Chemicals, moisture, and a whole host of other factors can be really challenging for the transmission. To avoid such potential engine break down issues, change the synthetic transmission fluid regularly.

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