Tips to buy Royal Purple Oils

Searching for the right type of motor oil for your car is almost like finding the right food from a long menu in a fancy restaurant. The options are numerous, and you find several of them similar to each other that you can’t make out which is the best one for you, or rather, for your vehicle.


We suggest Royal Purple as the best option for your car. And while you are at it, there are certain things to keep in mind before buying Royal Purple Oils.

Thanks to the research and development team of the company Royal Purple, that is dedicated to creating synthetic lubricants designed to outperform the competition.Royal Purple has developed and patented the technology called Synerlec that is aimed to increase viscosity, bonding and film strength of their oils.

Amidst a long list of Royal Purple products, if you feel confused with one to pick for your vehicle, here are few things to consider:

  1. Compatibility with your vehicle

The grades of the oils are set by the Society of Automotive Engineers or SAE between 0 and 60 gauging viscosity, in ascending order of thickness. You must check in your vehicle’s owner’s manual about the motor oil grade compatible with the model. A motor oil with an SAE of 5W-30 means that in the cold, the viscosity is 5, and at 30 weightviscosity for normal operation.

  1. Mileage

The choice of Royal Purple Oil depends largely on the mileage of your vehicle. If your vehicle has over 100,000 miles, then we suggest Royal Purple HPS oil which is especially formulated for anti-wear properties, and has Synerlec technology to improve engine performance. It also reduces corrosion, and cleans away engine deposits with its detergents.

  1. High performance needs

You would need a Royal Purple lubricant if you enjoy fast driving, especially on dirt tracks. The best suggested are the ones which are specifically formulated to deal with the increased engine heat that tends to wear off with the pedal being pushed to the metal. If you are a professional auto or marine racer, then you’d need something tougher, like Royal Purple’s XPR oil.


  1. Gear oils

Looking for an option to enable your automatic transmissions, manual transmissions, and front or rear differentials to run smoother, and cleaner? Royal Purple’s Max Gear is the best option as a powerful automotive gear oil that uses the best synthetic oil blend along with Synerlec, its own patented technology.

  1. Standard performance needs

Royal Purple API (American Petroleum Institute) licensed oils are best suggested for the vehicles that is used for daily driving and hauling. The components are formulated specifically to take care of the internal components of your car’s engines, thereby extending their lives.

These and more, are available for online purchase. But the most trustworthy name is Lucky 7 Trucks from where you can book your online order of Royal Purple Oils. Check out the collection at or call at 602-999-2007 to know more about the lubricants.

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