Why do you Need Synthetic Transmission Fluid?

Synthetic technology fluid is designed to provide several types of vehicles with automatic transmission service. It is recommended for manual transmissions like automatic transmission fluid or other light-viscosity. Synthetic transmission fluid is the ultimate option for the vehicle that’s getting overheated.

Why do you Need Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Why is transmission fluid used?

 The best use of transmission fluid is to lubricate the components of a car’s transmission and to bring out the optimum efficiency of the vehicle. It depends on the sort of transmission used inside that makes the type of transmission fluid vary in individual cars and other heavy vehicles.

You need the right transmission fluid to make your vehicle move, even if the engine is on.

Benefits of transmission fluids:

It helps in improving and extending transmission efficiency of the oil and at the same time maintains the smooth shifting performance. As a whole, it aids in the upkeep of the fuel economy.

When to use transmission fluid?

To figure out that you actually need synthetic transmission fluid, you have to notice if there is any delay in movement after gear. If there are unusual infrequent transmission noises, issues with gear shifting, gear slippage, or difficulty in driving in a constant speed, then it is the time to use transmission fluid.

How to choose the right transmission fluid?

To pick the right transmission fluid, it is better to follow the manufacturer’s recommendation. Or better still, use Royal Purple synthetic transmission fluid Synchromax. This product is recommended for manual transmissions and can deal with various transfer cases and 2-cycle motorcycle gear boxes which is specified for light-viscosity lubricants.

Advantages of using Royal Purple Synchromax

Some of the common benefits of using Synchromax are:

  • Greater wear protection
  • Excellent to protect from rust and corrosion
  • Reduces friction
  • Smoother shifts
  • Lowers operating temperatures

More about Synchromax

Royal Purple Max ATF is a synthetic, high-performance, automatic transmission fluid that is scientifically engineered to extend the life of your transmission system. The fact that the product has more oxidation-stable than the other brands, high film strength, low co-efficient of friction, and that it can be used along with other ATFs, it makes Max ATF the  best option as a synthetic transmission fluid.

Where to order Max ATF from?

Royal Purple Max ATF is available on Lucky 7 Trucks in different quantities. Order your requirement from https://lucky7trucks.com/. You may also call 6029992007 to know more.

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