Tips to buy Royal Purple Oils

Searching for the right type of motor oil for your car is almost like finding the right food from a long menu in a fancy restaurant. The options are numerous, and you find several of them similar to each other that you can’t make out which is the best one for you, or rather, for your vehicle. We suggest Royal Purple as the best option for your car. And while you are at it, there are certain things to keep in mind before buying Royal Purple Oils. Thanks to the research and development team of the company Royal Purple, that … Continue reading Tips to buy Royal Purple Oils

Reasons why you must use Premium Synthetic Motor Oil

Talking about synthetic oil, it is to be noted at the very beginning that simply labeling an engine-oil as “synthetic” doesn’t set the benchmark of the best quality. The overall formulation of the oil is what makes it stand out. … Continue reading Reasons why you must use Premium Synthetic Motor Oil

Why To Use Synthetic Motor Oil?

Your vehicle is an asset to you. And you will obviously maintain it on the regular basis to increase the lifespan of your car. However, only maintaining it, is not enough. You need to use high-quality engine oil to boost up the performance of your vehicle. Moreover, it will provide you optimal performance. You can use Synthetic Motor Oil for Full Engine Protection. Many people wonder about the benefits that come from using the synthetic oil as the price is slightly higher than the conventional oil. The advantages of using the oil are: Better high-temperature performance Cleaner operation Better mileage … Continue reading Why To Use Synthetic Motor Oil?

Break in A New Engine with The Royal Purple Advantage

How a new engine is broken in determines the performance and durability over its entire lifetime. Give your vehicle the best advantage with Royal Purple.

Breaking in of a new engine is a crucial time for any vehicle. The moving parts are coming in contact with each other for the first time and their size and shape have to adjust together.

If this initial break-in is not done properly, the engine may cause unnecessary friction, use excess oil and even require early replacement. In fact, the quality of break-in will determine how the engine works in the long run!

Given the significance of a good break-in, Royal Purple has taken it upon itself to design a superior engine break-in oil that provides a gentle start-up and advanced protection at all times. It combines highly refined mineral oil with advanced additives that optimize engine protection, especially in flat-tappet and roller engines.Using Royal Purple Engine Break-In Oil in the first few hours of a new vehicle will eliminate initial startup wear by ensuring adequate wear protection and keeping rough-running engine issues at bay.

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