Why use royal purple ?

If you are looking for a premium synthetic base oil, make sure to use Royal Purple synthetic oils for better lubricity and consistent viscosity. Better resistance to oxidation is also ensured by the brand’s products, thanks to its consistent molecular structure. Visit their official site http://www.lucky7trucks.com to check the entire range of synthetic base oils. Continue reading Why use royal purple ?

Tips to buy Royal Purple Oils

Searching for the right type of motor oil for your car is almost like finding the right food from a long menu in a fancy restaurant. The options are numerous, and you find several of them similar to each other that you can’t make out which is the best one for you, or rather, for your vehicle. We suggest Royal Purple as the best option for your car. And while you are at it, there are certain things to keep in mind before buying Royal Purple Oils. Thanks to the research and development team of the company Royal Purple, that … Continue reading Tips to buy Royal Purple Oils

Five Benefits of Changing the Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Did you know changing your transmission fluid regularly forms an essential part of maintaining your car’s longevity? To have a long term good health of your vehicle, car owners often fail to recognise the basic maintenance required for a smooth … Continue reading Five Benefits of Changing the Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Advantages of Using Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Wondering whether you should be using a synthetic transmission fluid to lubricate your transmission as a better option? Well, a better choice than the expensive alternative of petroleum-based fluid, you must be aware of the advantages of using the former over the latter. Better resistance to oxidation A synthetic product provides more resistance to oxidation thereby improving your overall fuel economy. The thickness of the fluid is more lubricating and the viscosity standards are better than petroleum-based products. Smoother shifting Because of superior engineering, the synthetic fluid is better at lubricating your transmission and is able to sustain its viscosity in … Continue reading Advantages of Using Synthetic Transmission Fluid