Basic Vehicle Maintenance Explained

You require your car, truck or motorcycle to run smoothly and function properly. However, the performance and efficiency of your vehicle depends on how well you maintain it. Caring for your vehicle is not limited to proper driving, using the right fuel and rotating the tires regularly. There is a lot going on inside the vehicle and you need to keep a check on things at regular intervals. This includes: Check the oil level and quality and change it as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Check the transmission and opt for synthetic transmission fluid whenever a fill-up is required. Check the coolant … Continue reading Basic Vehicle Maintenance Explained

The Benefits of Using the Better Motor Oil

If you own a car, you would definitely understand the importance of high-quality motor oil. As all engine parts are prone to friction, they require good-quality oil for lubrication, and therefore, reduced wear and tear and increased engine lifespan. Importance of Synthetic Oil Most car owners understand the importance of using high-quality motor oil. However, there’s a new confusion on whether to use conventional motor oil or the latest synthetic motor oil. Since synthetic motor oil for full engine protection is heavy on the pocket compared to the conventional motor oil, owners often steer away from buying the better product. If … Continue reading The Benefits of Using the Better Motor Oil