Why do you Need Synthetic Transmission Fluid?

Synthetic technology fluid is designed to provide several types of vehicles with automatic transmission service. It is recommended for manual transmissions like automatic transmission fluid or other light-viscosity. Synthetic transmission fluid is the ultimate option for the vehicle that’s getting … Continue reading Why do you Need Synthetic Transmission Fluid?

Five Benefits of Changing the Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Did you know changing your transmission fluid regularly forms an essential part of maintaining your car’s longevity? To have a long term good health of your vehicle, car owners often fail to recognise the basic maintenance required for a smooth … Continue reading Five Benefits of Changing the Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Basic Vehicle Maintenance Explained

You require your car, truck or motorcycle to run smoothly and function properly. However, the performance and efficiency of your vehicle depends on how well you maintain it. Caring for your vehicle is not limited to proper driving, using the right fuel and rotating the tires regularly. There is a lot going on inside the vehicle and you need to keep a check on things at regular intervals. This includes: Check the oil level and quality and change it as per the manufacturer’s recommendations. Check the transmission and opt for synthetic transmission fluid whenever a fill-up is required. Check the coolant … Continue reading Basic Vehicle Maintenance Explained

Why To Use Synthetic Motor Oil?

Your vehicle is an asset to you. And you will obviously maintain it on the regular basis to increase the lifespan of your car. However, only maintaining it, is not enough. You need to use high-quality engine oil to boost up the performance of your vehicle. Moreover, it will provide you optimal performance. You can use Synthetic Motor Oil for Full Engine Protection. Many people wonder about the benefits that come from using the synthetic oil as the price is slightly higher than the conventional oil. The advantages of using the oil are: Better high-temperature performance Cleaner operation Better mileage … Continue reading Why To Use Synthetic Motor Oil?

Racing Oil in Street Vehicles – A Strict No-No!

It can be tempting to use racing oil in our ordinary vehicles. Imagine getting your Honda or VW engine roaring with the power and speed of a racing car! But, while the initial thrill can be alluring, racing oil will only end up doing more harm than good. This is because race car engines are subject to extreme conditions of tremendous speed, intense temperatures and heavy load. The effects may feel amazing, but do you know what is happening under the hood? The underside is that the racing engine is subject to much greater wear and tear and only special … Continue reading Racing Oil in Street Vehicles – A Strict No-No!

Engine Consuming Too Much Oil – What To Do?

Once you put engine oil in your vehicle, you usually don’t have to worry about it till the next oil change interval (which is really long with modern synthetic oils). But what if the engine starts consuming more oil and the oil level shrinks rapidly? This is bad for you (finance-wise) and the environment (pollution-wise) as well.

Engines are supposed to burn a certain amount of oil; however, if the consumption is excessive, there definitely is a problem somewhere. It could be due to oil leaks, increased wear of piston assemblies, deposits on the piston rings, oil emission into the cooling system or exhaust pipe or something else.

Continue reading “Engine Consuming Too Much Oil – What To Do?”