Royal Purple Max ATF VS Other Max ATF

With regular wear and tear, often you might notice stiffness in the transmission box. It can cause delayed or late shifts, a drastic drop in mileage, and brings down the life of the movable parts of the car engine and the transmission box. The Royal Purple Max ATF can mend these issues, transforming your car’s shift to almost brand new and making it a lot smoother and easier to maneuver.   The automotive lubricant works on reducing friction between the moving parts of the engine, making the ride smoother and safer for the rider. Usually, these lubricants are composed of base oil … Continue reading Royal Purple Max ATF VS Other Max ATF

Why Royal Purple is better

Designed to maximize the life and performance of all power steering units, Royal Purple lubricant is a popular choice amongst all vehicle owners. With the mix of select synthetic base oils plus Royal Purple’s proprietary Synerlec® additive technology, Royal purple lubricants can make the equipment run cooler, longer, quieter and more efficiently. Lucky7Trucks824 W. Moon Dust TrailSan Tan Valley, AZ Continue reading Why Royal Purple is better

Why use royal purple ?

If you are looking for a premium synthetic base oil, make sure to use Royal Purple synthetic oils for better lubricity and consistent viscosity. Better resistance to oxidation is also ensured by the brand’s products, thanks to its consistent molecular structure. Visit their official site to check the entire range of synthetic base oils. Continue reading Why use royal purple ?

Things to Consider While Selecting the Right Gear Oil

While you are looking for the right product from the QPL, let us be clear of the fact that while some original equipment manufacturers provide generic specifications mentioning pertinent parameters, the rest of the manufacturers declare only a general specification where not even the operating temperatures are considered. It is, therefore, important for all to select lubricants with a basic understanding of the different specifications that make a lubricant like Royal Purple oils a great choice. Why is it important to know the different selection criteria? When selecting lubricants for industrial gearing, numerous factors must be considered before simply picking any … Continue reading Things to Consider While Selecting the Right Gear Oil