Why is Max Cycle the best choice for motorcycles?

Talking about gear oils, it is extremely important to know which one fits for which vehicle. Like, for example, Royal Purple Max Cycle gear oil is the ideal choice to use in motorcycle engines and transmissions. The product can be used in both air-cooled and liquid-cooled 4-cycle engines and at the same time it is compatible with wet-clutch transmissions. All about Max Cycle gear oil The popular gear oil from Royal Purple is formulated with select synthetic base oils and the proprietary additive technology of the brand – Synerlec. This technology adds towards a significantly improved film strength as compared to … Continue reading Why is Max Cycle the best choice for motorcycles?

Are Royal Purple HPS oil really good or overhyped?

The buzz of HPS or High Performance Street is quite at high, and not for no reasons. Among a multiple line of products, they have everything from engine oil to transmission fluids to power steering fluid, irrespective of the platform, Royal Purple has got you covered. Royal Purple HPS oil or their High Performance Street Motor oil is exclusively formulated to maximize power. With exceptionally high film strength, it is exclusively crafted to provide maximum wear protection. The product has the capability to reduce engine wear and heat to extend the life of your engine. Properties of Royal Purple HPS oil … Continue reading Are Royal Purple HPS oil really good or overhyped?

How to pick the right engine break-in oil?

The procedure to pick the right engine break-in is critical. If you know about the steps well, not only it would be helpful for your engine, but would also be easy on your pocket. Choosing the right high performance engine break-in oil is daunting. These tips might help you to get prepared before your choose your break-in oil. Let’s get started with some invaluable preparation tips to protect your engine during the break-in period. Do proper inspection To begin with, ensure that everything from the engine to accessories is tight and working fine. Check for any oil leaks, and check all … Continue reading How to pick the right engine break-in oil?

Benefits of Synthetic Transmission Fluid

As a car owner, did you often wonder about what would be the best option to lubricate the transmission? It is not always possible to get the expensive petroleum-based fluid and this is when you would need the synthetic transmission fluid. There are a couple of advantages in using a synthetic product but before getting one, make sure you check the OEM once. Gives better resistance to oxidation A synthetic product can provide better resistance to oxidation and thus improve the overall fuel economy. They can be engineered as per the requirement of the viscosity standards making it a better … Continue reading Benefits of Synthetic Transmission Fluid

Signs that Your Vehicle Requires Engine Oil Change

Engine oils are one of the essential components of your car.  It can be regarded as the blood of your car’s engine, which helps to keep the various parts of the engine running smoothly and efficiently. Not only for cars, engines of any type of machines like generators and motorcycles require motor oils to function. Engine is not a single component, but an amalgamation of various critical components, which constantly keeps on rubbing against each other when your car is on the move. This friction results in corrosion of metals and formation of heat. Motor oils help to prevent this … Continue reading Signs that Your Vehicle Requires Engine Oil Change